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Lauryn Hill Addresses Robert Glasper’s "Misconceptions" About Her Stealing Music

"I am the architect of my creative expression."

August 25 marked the 20th anniversary of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The album is widely considered a masterpiece.

However, musician Robert Glasper recently called out Lauryn Hill for allegedly not creating The Miseducation album. Ms. Hill has responded to Glasper in a lengthy online essay.

Hill wrote in part:

You may be able to make suggestions, but you can’t write FOR me. I am the architect of my creative expression. No decisions are made without me. I hire master builders and masterful artisans and technicians who play beautifully, lend their technical expertise, and who translate the language that I provide into beautifully realized music.

She added:

I’m confused as to why such a principled musician, who thought I ‘stole’ from his friends, would show up to work for me anyway. 📷 If that was hypocrisy or opportunism instead of genuine interest, it would further explain why an artist would feel the need to put his or her guard up.

Hill also posted:

Who are you to say I didn’t do enough? Most people are probably just hearing your name for the first time because you dropped MINE in an interview, controversially. Taking nothing away from your talent, but this is a fact.

The former Fugees member concluded:

The album inspired many people, from all walks of life, because of its radical(intense) will to live and to express Love. I appreciate everyone who was a part of it, in any and every capacity. It wouldn’t have existed the way that it did without the involvement, skill, hard work, and talents of the artists/musicians and technicians who were a part of it, but it still required my vision, my passion, my faith, my will, my soul, my heart, and my story.
Read Ms. Lauryn Hill's full statement here.

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