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Updated: Dec 28, 2018

A Tale Of Two Fools — A Novical

I received this novical of songs and noticed it was a love story. And what was attached? A story about 200 pages long. And I finally got to talk to the author/musician of this love story by Chad SirWick Hughes.

About Sir Wick

“A Tale of Two Fools," reached No. 1 on the UK Soul Charts and peaked at No. 2 on the UK Sweet Rhythm charts.

Read the story here:

See the story here:


DHR: So now I’m when did you decide to do this? And how did you make the time?

Chad: “Well, I got the initial idea in 2011”

“I came up with the ORIGINAL concept in 1996 but I shelved it.

It was a jazz operetta

So, I decided to do a concept album. So, music was just about done but then Kindra said, write the whole thing. So I wrote the novel too.

So it went from album summary to short story to novelette to novella to novel then Novical 🙂”

DHR: When did you had time to come up with your story?

Chad: “I made time by planning. It was pretty intensive because you have to deal with everyone's schedule.”

DHR: Did u enjoy it during anytime doing them?

Chad: “I enjoyed every minute of it. I wanted a director but I couldn't afford one so I learned on the spot. Talk about being the fire.”

DHR: Do you have any hard copies?

Chad: “I didn't get any books but I watched my favorite movies and studied how they did certain scenes that related to my scenarios IN PARTICULAR romantic comedies.”

“I have a whole new respect for the craft of directing”

“All the videos where done in seven days but next in order. I did some one year and three the next. I then saw I needed to add some stuff so I filmed it.”

DHR: Will you ever get hard copies? I can see it as a box set. Limited edition of course. Limited amount made

Chad: “I do. I have one copy left. It got wet though. (LOL)”

DHR: Well I got the pleasure of having that last copy. I can’t wait to receive it. And another thing I noticed about Chad, he's a great composer. Check him out on

Also, Sir Wick has planned to reprint "A Tale of Two Fools, A NOVICAL" masterpiece come this February 2019. So look out for it.

You can hear Chad SirWick music on DetroitHotRadio.Com this coming Sunday during our “Let’s Fall In Love Again” Segment starting at 7pm.

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