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Detroit Hot Radio is operable under the supervision of Accurate Advertising.

Management Team

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Accurate Advertising is a privately held company in Detroit, MI and is a Single Location business that has incorporated multiple online radio stations. Currently DetroitHotRadio.Com and LasVegasHotRadio.Com which both is operated under and by Accurate Advertising.


Accurate Advertising serves community radio and community media to advance their impact locally and in public media. To promote the interchange of ideas and to improve the quality of service with radio and television.  Accurate Advertising has a new motto of servicing local artists within each city it has established.

Thomas T. Pablo Lowman
Owner & Chairman
Andrea LB
COO & Music Programmer
Host - Detroit Entertainment Now

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give local artists the opportunity to be heard for the hard work, time and effort that is put into the great craft of making music. We know majority of artists are usually not recognized. As we grow, we will continue to present to the world our Local Artists.


Latonia Gee

CEO & Public Relations Director

Accurate Advertising began with Thomas Lowman as the executive producer of “Detroit Class 313 TV Show until he acquired DetroitHottRadio.Com under the company of Full Spin Media and now serving as the CEO/General Manager of DetroitHotRadio.Com and LasVegasHotRadio.Com.


Thomas Lowman has ten years of television and radio production. Along with Andrea LB Butler, a collaboration began in 2016, as the Graphic Designer later became the VP of Marketing, Talk Show Producer to COO, They both have combined their skills and experience for the success of DetroitHotRadio.Com and LasVegasHotRadio.Com.


LasVegasHotRadio.Com will be operated by the Operations Manager of Detroit Hot Radio, Andrea LB.  Accurate Advertising has grown now with Harmony Toni Gee as PR Director, Pamela P-Dot Willis as the Event Coordinator, and Andre Benjamin as the company’s Excutive Producer. 

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Andre Benjamin

Executive Producer

In Rememberance 
Ken Bell / Executive Producer

Pamela P-Dot Willis

Event Cooridinator

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