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Detroit Hot Radio 3rd Annual Award Showcase

Honoring Local Recording Artists of Detroit...

This year’s event is also sponsored by the T. Pablo Creative Arts (501.c3) Over the years, Detroit Hot Radio has been pushing the original songs of each Detroit Recording Artist. Detroit Hot Radio has chosen each artist based on their performance on Detroit Hot Radio by a self-recorded system owned by This showcase was created to give each artist the opportunity to build their fan base and let the world know who you are as well as ensuring that you as an artist are being heard. It will be up to each artist to use this opportunity to their advantage. So as an artist of Detroit and based on our listeners you have been chosen to participate in the Detroit Hot Radio 2020-2021 Showcase as well as an awarded honoree of Detroit Hot Radio’s Outstanding Artist of The Year.

Our third Music Showcase will be streamed live on June 17th at the Blue Finn (Warren, Mi). The event will present each artist with a Special Detroit Hot Radio Trophy. This year we will present special tribute awards also to those participating anytime during our previous showcase.

This year's Outstanding Recording Artist's of the Year honorees include K'Jon, Mark Scott of The Miracles, Crystal Grundy, and Eddie Hughes along with Outstanding Performance of The Year honorees LiaSimone and Jibreel Johnson.

The Ceremony this year will take place at the Blue Finn located at 13330 E. 10 Mile Rd., Warren, MI starting at 7pm Thursday June 17th. Ticket Information:

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Patricia Boykins
Patricia Boykins
Jun 12, 2021

Can I nominate a Detroit artist

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