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Tangent Gallery, Hug Detroit Day & Unlimited Sky Production Proudly Presents The First Annual Black

The theme for this years Black History Month is "Black Migrations" tracking the continuous movement of blacks from the American South to the industrialized North and beyond byway, concert , art, poetry, storytelling, speakers , vendors, food, singalong and more...

Detroit MI. - February 24, 2019 at the Tangent Gallery, 715 E.Milwaukee Detroit , MI Hug Detroit Day , Tangent Gallery & Unlimited Sky Production Proudly Presents, The First Annual Hug Detroit Day Black History Family Festival. This will be a Sunday set aside to celebrate Black History Month in our own special way, by honoring the cultural trailblazers of the past, as we explore the impact they have had on the present. Detroit leaders such as comedian Mike Bonner will host and perform at our festival. Also speakers & Activist, Henrietta Ivey, co founder of Hug Detroit Day & Everette's Natural Hair School president, Sheila Hale, Motivational speaker Brenda Pedleton, Co. Director of Detroit's Trinity International film Festival Film Producer Lazar Favors, Jazz vocalist Sky Covington, State Rep Isaac Robinson, and Co-Founder / Partner at Conscious Community Cooperative ThinkTank - C3  B Anthony, will hope to inspire and encourage audiences through their accomplishments in areas including community, music, art, film, fashion and other, personal achievements.

We are honored to have the opportunity to engage in stimulating, conversation with these cultural pioneers about how they are continuing legacies in multiple disciplines.The theme for Black History Month in 2019 is "Black Migrations." Tracking the continuous movement of blacks from the American South to the industrialized North and beyond. Beginning in the early 20th century, a growing number of black industrial leaders and black entrepreneurs emerged as families relocated from farms to cities, and from the South to the more industrialized Northeast and Midwest. Along with the emergence of new music genres -- like ragtime, blues, and jazz -- the Black Bottom in Detroit also signaled a blossoming of the visual and literary arts. Well into the century, blacks continued to break the color barrier in sports, business and politics, and have recently challenged the traditional bastions of wealth and power to gain popular support at the local, state, and national level.

We are proud to present our special presentation Conversations...Featuring  Nina Simone writings , and songs performed by Sky Covington, jazz legend Nat King Cole performed by Tim Ellerbe and great poet Nikki Giovanni performed by poet JE McGee. Tapping even deeper in the inner workings of art , as it relates to our  visual transitions. We are exciting to show the work of artist Ifoma Stubbs & Monique Simon, an young hair stylist Makhya Womble.

Opening our festival Minister Nen Bailey will inspire us with warm inspirational words and prayer. There will be sing a longs , Vendors, Food,  Arts & Crafts & storytelling for your family. The tickets are $10 & can be purchased online or at door. Doors opens at 5:00 pm - 11 p.  Free to children.  If you have any questions or need more  information please contact: Nicole Freeman 248.445.1277. We also have group rates. We truly look forward to sharing this day with you , your family and friends.

We have an amazing day planned.

The itinerary is as follows...

Itinerary for February 24th


Greeting ( Community Prayer)

Prayer for the betterment of our People

Lead By Minister Nen Bailey

Words from State Rep Isaac Robinson


Speaker : Public speaker, Organizer, and Political Figure at SEIU Healthcare Michigan

Henrietta Ivey

& Sing A Long “Lift Every Voice & Sing”


Lazar Favors

Co. Director of Detroit's Trinity International film Festival Film Producer Lazar Favor Short Film about Black Bottom and Paradise Valley

Co. Director’s Trinity International Film Festival    


Story time

Only twice I dreamed for Heaven By Dawn Turner Trice

The Bulging Bag By Unoma N. Azuah

Rail Under my Back By Jeffery Renard Allen

From the book An Anthology of African American Writing GUMBO


Hair Show By Hairstylist Makyha Womble

7:00 Motivational Speaker Brenda Pedleton

7:15 Poet Deep Water

7:00 “ Artist Talk

Ifoma Stubbs & Monique Simon


B Anthony


Sky Covington speaks on "Service"

8:00 - 8:30

Comedian Mike Bonner


Poet JE McGee performs Activist & Poet Nikki Giovanni

Mike Bonner Introduces Tim Ellerbe

Recording of an Interview of Nat King Cole

9:00-9:30  Tim Ellerbe performs Jazz Legend Nat King Cole

9:40 - 11:00  FINALE Nina Simone

JE McGee introduces Sky Covington performing Nina Simone

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