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Coming To Detroit - Al Lindsey

With "Cotton Candy" as a top song on the UK Soul Chart, Al Lindsey is coming to Detroit for a special concert . Tickets are on sale now!

DetroitHotRadio.Com and Matt Miller presents “Al Lindsey In Concert”. Performing his top hit “Cotton Candy” which is on the Uk Soul Chart, he’ll also be performing other songs from his new CD “Versatility”, featuring new artist Ms. Nikell. Al Lindsey has a funky soul sound that is added to his new song "Cotton Candy", a song you can rock or dance along to...

Performing March 16th at the Allure Truth NiteClub in Eastpointe, MI Tickets are ON SALE NOW! Only 20 /$10 Early Bird tickets available. $15 after those are gone. Doors open at 7 pm and ends at midnight.

For more information, contact show coordinator at 586-422-7940. Also call for Seating and Birthday Reservations.

Get your tickets here:…?

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