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Detroit Hot Radio Epic Nights

"I go by the name 2wo pronounced like the number “two”. I’m am a Student, Veteran, and a Recoding Artist born and raised in the city of Detroit. I started making music at the early age of five years old and started professionally creating music at the age of fifteen. I have opened up for artist such as Da Baby, Rae Sremmurd, Diggy Simmons, BFB Packman & YN Jay. I am versatile, and as a artist my goal is to share my life and experiences with the world unforgiving leaving my mark as not just an artist but an artist from Detroit."

See "2wo" this coming Tuesday at Bert's Marketplace 2727 Russell St. In the Eastern Market District. 7pm. Entry $10. Or get your tickets online:

Presented by Detroit Hot Radio "Bringing Recording Artists of Detroit to You"


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