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Detroit Hot Radio Honors Local Outstanding Recording Artists of Detroit.

Detroit Local Recording Artists were given awards for their most recognized song through 2018 & 2019.

Al Lindsey, Sugar Well, JaRay, Tiye Stylz, GB Cortez and Simon Black, all rewarded for Outstanding Recording Artists

Friday, Sept. 13, 2019

YMCA Marlene Boll Theatre

Detroit Hot Radio CEO Thomas Lowman and COO Andrea Butler awarded six recording artists for their most recognized songs of 2018-2019.

The Show: Dedicated to the world of Jazz.

Award: Outstanding Recording Artist of 2018-2019

Award Recipients: Al Lindsey "Cotton Candy", JaRay "Bad One", Sugar Well "On The Floor", Tiye Stylz "How I feel about it", GB Cortez "From Detroit", and Simon Black "One by One"

Artists Performances

Al Lindsey "Cotton Candy"

JaRay "Start of Somethin Special"

Sugar Well "So Naturally"

Tiye Stylz "How I Feel About It"

GB Cortez "World On"

Simon Black "One By One"

As we welcomed our performing acts of the show, LiaSimone, Jibreel Johnson, and The Will C Experience featuring Candice "PrettyStringz" Smith, we also welcome our four judges of for our Outstanding Artist of the Year based on each individual artist performance during the showcase. With a special thank you to Anita and Darius Blackmon both as Execute Directors of the Jackie Wilson Foundation, Eddina Holland of the Holland-Dozier-Holland, and David Ellis of Soulomind Entertainment Blogger and Motown Museum personnel. And with a very special special thank you to our stage manager, Shelia Spencer, CEO of Limitless Potential.

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About Detroit Hot Radio

DetroitHotRadio.Com started in 2014 under the operation of Accurate Advertising/Broadcasting Co. DetroitHotRadio.Com has grown over the years with the start of their first showcase in 2017. Our current listenership contains over 44 countries with 1150-2000 TLH or more monthly............DetroitHotRadio.Com.

DetroitHotRadio.Com believes in those artists who work hard and put in the time and effort into the great craft of making music. We know majority of our artists within Detroit are usually not recognized so we here at DetroitHotRadio.Com gives them that opportunity to be heard and be rewarded.

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