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Meet the "Little Moses Jones Band"

Little Moses Jones is a Award Winning, High Energy Band that will custom design a night of  live entertainment for your event.  The band features eight talented musicians that light the stage on fire and will have you dancing the night away.  Little Moses Jones perform’s a wide range of live music from award winning original music to your favorite dance hits from the past and present. Along with great music the Little Moses Jones musicians dress in an amazing wardrobe, has choreography for each song, props and lighting to enhance your amazing event. 

If you are looking to dance, mingle and have a great time, Little Moses Jones will provide you with a night to remember. 

In which I can ensure they'll provide. So I'd got to talk to their band leader Moses Jones, recently. And here what he had to say...

DHR: How  and when did you get started into the music industry? 

Moses: In 2009 Professionally

DHR: Who are you inspired by?

Moses: Laura Pausini, Bobby Blue Bland, Tyrone David, Kool & The Gang, Lakeside Bruno Mars and many more

DHR: Please explain your creative process.

Moses: I like to get in to a comfortable mode so I will eat first then relax for about 1 hour, grab a snack and then I can ussually sit at my instrument and record for hours. I will then go and listen to everything and see what is good to me and what is not. After that is when you start seeing what people think. It takes time, be patient is what I have learned.

DHR: What’s an average day like for you? 

Moses: I get up at 3 am every morning and start my social media promotions, then grab breakfast. After I work on website and promo material. I will then work on radio and event promotions. You know what comes next., its time for booking venues, private events, festivals and more. After that I will work on new music and learning more material. My last thing will normally be a 3 hour rehearsal or show with the band. Lots of work to do, but some one has to do it.

DHR: Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

Moses: There's no hidden meaning to my music but my songs normally relate to life situations & emotions.

DHR: Do you collaborate with others?

Moses: Yes

DHR: What is that process?

Moses: I will normally reach out to the people I want to collaborate with and set up a meeting. I will show them my music, tell them what I'm looking for and we set up times and recording sessions. Of course that's if they like your music and you :)

DHR: What is your favorite part about this line of work?

Moses: Performing

DHR: Your least favorite? and Why?

Moses: Setting up sound and mixing the show.  I love to perform and give my all at every show. Sometimes we are made to run sound from stage and yes it can be done and sound pretty  good, but if you have to set up Production then perform the show, it can be challenging.

DHR: Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Moses: I never really get anxiety from a performance. I just get real excited and determined to put on an amazing show for my fans.

DHR: Tell me about your favorite performance venues or do you have any in mind that you would like to perform?

Moses: I have always liked going to Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado and have always wanted to play there. It has an intimate feeling & a cool vibe. 

DHR: What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Moses: My biggest advise is to work hard, never give up and Make It Happen. You want to put as much time practicing your craft. Remember everybody needs rehearsal and practice. If you get in to this business you want to take as far as you can. The music business is hard and can be up and down. If this is what you want you have to work thru the good and the bad times. The last piece is "Make It Happen", YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

So there you have it from Moses Jones of the "Little Moses Jones Band." You can hear their recording song "East Colfax" on DetroitHotRadio.Com During Let's Fall In Love Sundays starting at 7 pm. "East Colfax" is an uplifting song that will give you confidence when you're scared or nervous to perform. It features Gary Moor & Felisa Latin Soul on Vocals, Greg Worthington on Tenor Saxophone Solo & the Moses Jones Band.

Management/ Booking - Moses Jones

Little Moses Jones  International (720-266-8231)

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