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The 2022 Detroit Hot Radio Music Awards

The Detroit Hot Radio 2022 Epic Night for Independent Artists of Detroit.

Detroit Hot Radio’s Award Show was a huge success. However, it wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our Staff, Sponsors, Facility and Vendors. Andrea LB, Harmony Gee, Lady K (Kay Breezy), Rodney Tate, Floyd Mayweather/Sponsor, Jeannie Orr mother of Floyd Mayweather Jr/Sponsor, Lady Brandy Queen of Las Vegas Blues and her husband Duke, Gloria Gaines-Hanna/Sponsor, Joseph Williams, Kevin ‘Papa’ Jones, Keisha Woods/DRMM Hall, Loren Harper/Sponsor, Janice Mayfield, Linda Holloway, Andre Benjamin, Evetta Mann, Ronda Beatty, Candy Love, Big Ron Moffett/Security and Rory Calhoun/Coordinator.

We Love & Appreciate you guys for all you’ve done to make this magnificent event successful.

Thank You,

Staff Of Detroit Hot Radio

Photos by Photographer Lo Williams aka Mrinsane Pengame.

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