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WAM Writers, Amazing Artists and Musicians past and present youth and adults from around the world

Begins airing April 2, 2021 on Cable TV Worldwide and streaming on ROKU many cable stations and on Mobile Phone via text to NOWTV at 54244

Friday's at 1:00pm to 236 million homes.

We are looking for disabled and non-disabled talent.

To be featured youth and or adults must submit a broadcast quality video of themselves or their performance group:

1. Announce your full name

2. up to 30 seconds Testifying on what inspired you to be a writer,

artist or musician and if you are part of a group, each of you should say your name and what you do in the group.

3. If you are a Writer, but don't recite or dramatize, please email an excerpt from their book, script, poem, recipe, song, news article, blog or lyrics to a song or rap that they want shared on WAM TV show instead of a video. If you are a speaker, actor, poet or chef that does demonstrations, you should perform your own content and send it in a video.

4. If you are a musician submit a video of you playing the musical instrument with a performance of no longer than 3:30 minutes.

5. If you are a visual artist, show a video of yourself painting, sculpting, crafting, designing, etc. followed by the finished product.

6. If you are a dancer, vocalist or acrobat, skater, you will be sent a dramatization, book or news article excerpt or song and you will need to do an impromptu performance to what you have been sent, in addition to sending an original work you created that is no longer than 3:30 minutes.

7. Email your telephone number and if you are under 18 years old email your parents name and their telephone numbers

8. If you are interested in being a youth or adult Guest Co-Host, record yourself announcing the WAM show and what the show is featuring and email it to us for consideration.

9. If you have a special Good Friday song, message, art, poem, praise dance, acrobatic performance, mime, brief lesson up to 5 minutes, send it to us for airing consideration.

10. No materials with foul language, partial nudity, full nudity, spewing hatred and division among people will be aired.

All entries should be emailed by March 13th to and if the file is too large, it should be sent to dropbox and the link to dropbox should be emailed. You may also send links for your YouTube performance. If your video is not broadcast quality we may contact you about other options. You will be notified if your clip has been chosen to be aired on The Now Network and the date you will air. The show will air weekly so any submissions must be sent at least three Fridays in advance of airing. Periodically we will be holding telethons for aged out foster care youth, disabled, veterans, artists, small businesses and senior citizens in need of special care.

Thank you

Regina Mack Jones, Creator/Host

Corporation for Artistic Development

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